Full Version: TheNoobBot 7.0.2 for WoW 7.2.5 Legion
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Hello, we've just released Tnb 7.0.1 on 04/28/2017, it works as a Bot WoW for

TheNoobBot 7.0.0, WoW Bot
  • Removed a few functions depreciated in < 6.6.x
  • Removed warning upon starting the bot.

TheNoobBot 7.0.1, WoW Bot
  • The Noob Bot now support WoW

TheNoobBot 7.0.2, WoW Bot
  • The Noob Bot now support WoW
  • You can now use Flying Mount in Broken Isles.

Download :

Have fun botting with the greatest TheNoobBot version Smile

Troubleshooting for people experimenting freeze or crash at start here.
Please create separate thread for each bugs you may get in help & support area, The Noob Bot Assistance.