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TheNoobBot 7.1.30 for WoW 7.3 Legion

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TheNoobBot 7.1.30 for WoW 7.3 Legion
Hello, we've just released Tnb 7.1.9 on 10/04/2017, it works as a Bot WoW for

Honest input...
We currently don't recommand anyone to bot on WoW 7.3.0 until further research are completed. Blizzard modified the game using their anti-cheat/bot framework (which they've been using on Overwatch for a while).
That new framework has packing, obfuscation, anti-debugging, icon matching of known cheats, callstack checks, and more unknown stuff yet to be discovered, this is serious job from Blizzard and it'll take a while before we can be certains that botting is safe again.
I'm honestly happy "as a player" that they finally do something, they made it even harder to create hacks/bots, especially for cheat/bots that are still in early developpment phases as you can no longer debug the WoW process at the moment.

TheNoobBot 7.1.0, WoW Bot
  • The Noob Bot now support WoW
  • The Noob Bot.exe doesn't have a software icon anymore due to the anticheat. We recommand you to change the name of the software and eventually uses a hash changer from time to time.
  • Update all quests profiles and scripts up to : https://github.com/TheNoobCompany/Leveli...c9870d6bac
  • Update all databases.
  • Added 72hours of free subscription to ALL account registered as the downtime is covered by our SLA Guarranted 100%.

TheNoobBot 7.1.1, WoW Bot
  • Fix missing monster names.
  • Fix Aura system not being able to match an aura with its owner.
  • Fix High CPU Usage of the bot.

TheNoobBot 7.1.2, WoW Bot
  • The Noob Bot now support WoW
  • Fix a WoW crash caused by the bot when loading.
  • Restore Health as long.
  • Implement Memory.Write<T> which bypass basic anti-memorywrite features. (only in writtable area, not wow .text)

TheNoobBot 7.1.3, WoW Bot
  • The Noob Bot now support WoW
  • Fix another WoW crash caused by the bot when loading.

TheNoobBot 7.1.4, WoW Bot
  • Add "Product Started Since" to make stop/start statistics reset meaningful again.
  • Remove an endless loop in Regeneration for Mages. (We may allow to disable waiting for 85% Health soon)
  • Greatly reduces the amount of CPU Usage taken by the bot for most tasks. (The peak will be during Travel generation, it's normal)
  • Add basic meshes for Argus (without gameobjects)

TheNoobBot 7.1.5, WoW Bot
  • Fix farming of underwater nodes when flying.
  • Allow to disable regeneration system. (which wait for you to regen 85% health before moving again.
  • Fix an issue in which Travel wont start properly if you initiate one while flying.
  • Prevent the bot from spinning while going down.
  • Fix a bug where the bot would be idling after looting.
  • Fix a bug where the bot would try to 'jump' for about 30 seconds before killing its target when using druid Travel Form. (As the bot called the mount as a flight mount but your fight transformed it back to ground mount)
  • Make the bot dismount much faster after completed landing.
  • Prevent displays of two specifics logs that would be incorrect at the time in some cases. ("needs you to fly" / "60sec to lands")

TheNoobBot 7.1.6, WoW Bot
  • The Noob Bot now support WoW
  • Allow CustomPath with parameter ForceFlying to force using the fly mount.
  • Allow plugins to be ran as products's State. Please read:  https://pastebin.com/XxawQpGM
  • Implement a basic TnbAntiDrowning plugin which can take priority over the Product with the new PluginAsState system. This plugin is now used as a SDK reference.

TheNoobBot 7.1.7, WoW Bot
  • Make a proper NeedToRun check in TnbAntiDrowning.
  • Implement a method to quickly call FindTarget for a given position. (MovementManager.GoToLocationFindTarget)
  • StopMove/Sleep after InteractTarget using Lua to prevent the quester from closing Quests windows too fast and miss a quest.
  • Reload PathFinder in case of NullReferenceException with nodes pointers.
  • Update German translation by marrvin.
  • Fix CustomPath when euclidean distance between A and B is closer to the wrong one due to us being right above/below when we actually need to walk the full stairs.
  • Fix reading of WoWItemClass => Fix AutoItemEquipper.
  • Revemp AutoMakeElemental feature into a state that runs once every 10 minutes as a product State.

TheNoobBot 7.1.8, WoW Bot
  • Improve PathFinder over very long path requests. (Usually travel between continents)
  • Allow LUA to work when offline as well for the relogger.
  • Prevent Takeoff if not on flying mount.
  • Improve LongMove when trying to fly towards NPC in buildings, etc.
  • Fix an issue where State Plugins would create duplicated "checking field" threads.
  • Default disable all Out of Combat forms for druid from CC and let the bot handle it.
  • Allow AbandonQuest to reset objectives as well if needed by a script.
  • Make sure we're really closeby NpcTrainer before trying to interact/learn new skills.
  • Prevent swirling by releasing Ascend/Descend on every movements.
  • Fix usage of Facing method for Quester.
  • Make SafeResurect/Landing circle with random radius each degree checked.
  • Greatly improve ItemCombiner, quicker to do tasks, also lands first as not all items can be combined from mount.
  • Add a bunch more Application.DoEvents() in some loop for the UI to be more reactive.
  • Fix reading of others players names.
  • Update/fix  KillMobUseItem quest Objective.
  • Make sure the minimal range in FindTarget is always at least 2.5ish +

TheNoobBot 7.1.9, WoW Bot
  • The Noob Bot now support WoW
  • Fix an issue where a mob would evade for a few ticks and get an abusive blacklisting.
  • Cancel Stealth spells before Interact.
  • Prevent Quester from bypassing a quest objective after abandonning a quest.
  • Prevent ForceTravel to force way too costly travel against manual moves.
  • Disable AutoItemCombiner when flying in Outland to avoid dieing in Nether.
  • Deactivate ThreadMoveTo as soon as the product is stopped.
  • Allow FlyFarming to locks nodes to avoid roundtrip between 2 nodes.
  • Dismount before reaching the monster in Quester.KillMobObjective when pulling.
  • Fix an issue in which the bot would not force 4.5 Framework ending up in having impossibilities to logins if you don't have those.
  • Add method "Unit.NpcHasGossip" to find NPC that can talk.
  • Fix a sluttering issue that can occurs when landing.
  • Allow to set a ContinentId (string) to Quester blacklisting system.
  • Implement blacklisting of areas in the pathfinder, based on a cost system. (It'll eventually end up using that path if there is no others way)

TheNoobBot 7.1.10, WoW Bot
  • Update BlackListZone system, now contains ContinentId as well. (string)
  • Update profiles creators to be able to record ContinentId to BlackListZone as well.
  • Fix Aura reading for some spells.
  • Automatically zone blacklist 5yards when stuck so we avoid doing the same mistake later on. (not saved)
  • Increase range between points in GroundMovementManager when using FlyingMount.
  • Fix an issue in which a taxi that is not spawn would be considered "Unknown" temporarly.
  • Change default settings to sell when 4 slot left instead of 2.
  • Allow CustomPath with ForceFly to ignore DeactivatedFlyMount settings.
  • Dismount when 5yards away from target in all FindTarget.
  • Update MaxNodes and MaxTiles parameters in PathFinder to allow larger paths in Quester/Travel.
  • Handle correctly MemoryPressure in PathFinder.
  • Add a method to be able to call a travel from a string log in DevTool for debugging purposes. ( nManager.Products.Products.StartTravelFromTextLog("FULL LOG LINE HERE");
  • Make Fight.InFight private set. You should use StartFight/StopFight if you want to mess with that.
  • Dynamically loads dll references for Quester Scripts which fixes stuff like LINQ.
  • Force users to rename the bot to something else.
  • Make nManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.MoveToLocation public to be used instead of ClickToMove function.
  • Prevent PathFinder from overwriting Z pos in original Point.
  • Update LevelingQuesting databases.
  • Auto BlackListZone near dangerous ennemies unit.
  • Force FlyMount if no path found for target.
  • Add support for Velocity (current, flying, swimming, ground)
  • Allow travel to quickly end the generation if we're getting in a tough fight.
  • Exit some loops if we're dead.
  • Fix an issue in which the bot would consider himself InCombat when being attacked by a blacklisted unit.

TheNoobBot 7.1.11, WoW Bot
  • Fix an aura related issue.

TheNoobBot 7.1.12, WoW Bot
  • Fix an issue with PathFinder using too much time to generate a path.
  • Allow to get closeby NPC from Memory before searching into base.
  • Reduce PolyArea.Danger cost to avoid over work on PathFinder.
  • Fix a potential freezing issue of the UI due to deadlock.

TheNoobBot 7.1.14, WoW Bot
  • Add Usefuls.HearthstoneSubAreaId.

TheNoobBot 7.1.15, WoW Bot
  • Randomize WindowTitle. (The Header shown is not "WindowTitle", it's display only)
  • Allow to resume a CustomPath
  • Update Quester/FindTarget for target above ground but closeby or larger target.
  • Add an extra check in FarmingTask for CanOpen.
  • Reduce treshhold height for "Node stuck" to allow more nodes.
  • Make Swimming nodes uses "Fly" Navigator for farming system.

TheNoobBot 7.1.16, WoW Bot
  • Add an extra layer of protection for our injections.

TheNoobBot 7.1.17, WoW Bot
  • Add a warning against botting.

TheNoobBot 7.1.18, WoW Bot
  • Add additionnals  securities measures. You must always run the bot with "Launcher.exe".
  • Fixed a crash due to a bad injection that could cause an account to be flagged for a banwave.

TheNoobBot 7.1.19, WoW Bot
  • Make "OnFlyMount" recognize any flying mount.
  • Record the last point we were able to mount flymount from, while being on the ground. (MountTask.LastKnownFlyablePoint )

TheNoobBot 7.1.20, WoW Bot
  • Fix an issue that make the bot goes Idle after some time.
  • Leave the "Takeoff" method earlier to start to move faster.
  • Additionals securities measures for the main window.

TheNoobBot 7.1.22, WoW Bot
  • Update the bot to WoW
  • Due to recent Blizzard changes, we've been forced to revert our hooking technology to DirectX which is more vulnerable to detection, we'll keep working on a new technology and update the bot when ready.

TheNoobBot 7.1.23, WoW Bot
  • Few improvements in Questers movements.

TheNoobBot 7.1.24, WoW Bot
  • TheNoobBot now support WoW

TheNoobBot 7.1.25, WoW Bot
  • TheNoobBot now support WoW

TheNoobBot 7.1.26, WoW Bot
  • TheNoobBot now support WoW

TheNoobBot 7.1.27, WoW Bot
  • Fix a WoW crash when movements from Transport/Vehicle.

TheNoobBot 7.1.28, WoW Bot
  • TheNoobBot now support WoW

TheNoobBot 7.1.30, WoW Bot
  • TheNoobBot now support WoW
  • Fix a cooldown issue introduced in 7.1.29.

This last feature is a Work in Progress and may be improved, report any issue with that blacklisting thing.

Download : http://thenoobbot.com/downloads/latest.php

Have fun botting with the greatest TheNoobBot version Smile

Troubleshooting for people experimenting freeze or crash at start here.
Please create separate thread for each bugs you may get in help & support area, The Noob Bot Assistance.

TheNoobBot wont work ? Make sure to read this topic (EN) ! It resolves most of problems/crash/freezes.
TheNoobBot ne fonctionne pas ? Lisez ce sujet (FR) ! Il vous aidera à résoudre la plupart des problèmes/crash/freezes.

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