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TheNoobBot 7.1.30 for WoW 7.3 Legion

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10-10-2017, 12:20 AM #12
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RE: TheNoobBot 7.1.10 for WoW 7.3 Legion
TheNoobBot 7.1.10, WoW Bot
  • Update BlackListZone system, now contains ContinentId as well. (string)
  • Update profiles creators to be able to record ContinentId to BlackListZone as well.
  • Fix Aura reading for some spells.
  • Automatically zone blacklist 5yards when stuck so we avoid doing the same mistake later on. (not saved)
  • Increase range between points in GroundMovementManager when using FlyingMount.
  • Fix an issue in which a taxi that is not spawn would be considered "Unknown" temporarly.
  • Change default settings to sell when 4 slot left instead of 2.
  • Allow CustomPath with ForceFly to ignore DeactivatedFlyMount settings.
  • Dismount when 5yards away from target in all FindTarget.
  • Update MaxNodes and MaxTiles parameters in PathFinder to allow larger paths in Quester/Travel.
  • Handle correctly MemoryPressure in PathFinder.
  • Add a method to be able to call a travel from a string log in DevTool for debugging purposes. ( nManager.Products.Products.StartTravelFromTextLog("FULL LOG LINE HERE");
  • Make Fight.InFight private set. You should use StartFight/StopFight if you want to mess with that.
  • Dynamically loads dll references for Quester Scripts which fixes stuff like LINQ.
  • Force users to rename the bot to something else.
  • Make nManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.MoveToLocation public to be used instead of ClickToMove function.
  • Prevent PathFinder from overwriting Z pos in original Point.
  • Update LevelingQuesting databases.
  • Auto BlackListZone near dangerous ennemies unit.
  • Force FlyMount if no path found for target.
  • Add support for Velocity (current, flying, swimming, ground)
  • Allow travel to quickly end the generation if we're getting in a tough fight.
  • Exit some loops if we're dead.
  • Fix an issue in which the bot would consider himself InCombat when being attacked by a blacklisted unit.

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