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Built-in Warlock class not working correctly

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01-03-2017, 04:54 PM #1
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Built-in Warlock class not working correctly
First of all thank you for the time saving application called The Noob Bot!! Now my issue.
It seems that the warlock rotation keeps summoning an infernal or doomguard untill all soulshards are spent before it continues the rotation. And when a soulshard appears it summons an infernal again!?
So I have some coding experience and have looked in the warlock combat file, changed somethings (like enemy amount, available soulshards before summoning, committing the summon infernal part out)
and still it changes nothing to the problem.
Is there a way to exit the part of the rotation that checks and summons? Undecided

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05-19-2017, 01:54 PM #2
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RE: Built-in Warlock class not working correctly
Same goes for low level (11) Destruction Warlock built in. Summons the IMP a great many times..

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