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[Request] A disenchanter plug-in or profile

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[Request] A disenchanter plug-in or profile
Looking for a dischanting plug-in (even profile), which empties mailbox and disenchants based on iLvl and rarity.

I'd like to show interest in actually buying or paying reasonable money for a plug-in or profile that disenchants. As a suggestion or option, it should loop the following steps:
  1. Scan bags and add existing items in bags as "locked" or "protected", not to be mailed or disenchanted. Or bag slots already occupied can be ignored.

  2. Go to the nearest mailbox and check mail. If there is mail, go to step 3, otherwise pop up a TnB message saying that there is no mail, and stop/pause TnB with or without shutting down the game; ideally customizable, but I prefer without shutting down the game.

  3. Pick up mail items until there are X free bag slots (X is customizable by user).

  4. Disenchant disenchantable items according to the iLvl and rarity rules specified by the user in plug-in settings. For example, only greens, or only greens and blues, and only iLvl X to Y, or iLvl X and below, etc.

  5. Check for free bag slots after the disenchanting step/loop, and if there are X or lower free slots, mail everything non-protected in the bags to a customizable character name, then go back to step 2, otherwise...

  6. Just go back to step 2.
If anyone can develop this profile and plug-in then offer it here for a reasonable price, I'm happy to pay by PayPal and receive the file(s) by email or whatever. 

Thank you.
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