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New here thinking of buying

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05-09-2017, 03:52 PM #1
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New here thinking of buying
my friends and i are thinking about buying this bot but i'm not sure after going through the threads so i thought maybe i would ask here and get some clarification...

I have been going through the profile threads about gathering and leveling and i feel a little lost. Like i am looking to see what kind of profile you guys have here and if i can level from 1-110 or go from Mining 1- max.... but when i am going through these threads i am not finding any profiles. just people asking for them, or people saying a certain part of the bot stopped working after a update and literally 2 weeks go by and no one has responded to them.

So maybe i am just looking in the wrong spots or am getting just some bad threads i am reading but i dont know if we wanna invest in this Bot if i cant find adequate support and profiles

Thanks for any help or direction or even clarification you can give. I used to use PIROX before they got shut down yrs ago so i am kinda looking for something easy to use and to get the profiles i need

Thanks guys

05-15-2017, 02:52 PM #2
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RE: New here thinking of buying

I'm a new user of this bot too (2 weeks).

All I can say for now is I think this bot is less user friendly than Honorbuddy for example. 

I use this bot because : 
  • Price, I subbed for 1 month but I think I'm going to take a lifetime access after my first month.
  • Unlimited session
  • Community on Discord : I'm only a reader for now but I think you have a lot more chance to get help on Discord.
  • If you're a developer you can develop you're own custom class or plug-in. I found that my Blood DK nearly never use his artefact skill so I worked on my own custom class. In the tutorial section you can find some example about custom classes. I have a background in C# development so it was easy for me. I also developed some little things I was not able to find in the actual bot. Like a ETA of when a char is going to levelup.
I'm going to stick with TNB instead of another bot for these reasons. Another reason, maybe I'm saying something wrong but I think we're a little more safe using bots with a smallest subs base.

But this bot comes with some inconvenients :
  • You have to create you own profile for a lot of things (tutorial available on this forum, I recorded my first profile in something like 5 minutes). You can also find help on Discord
  • Not so many plugins. Again you can develop the thing you want or asking some help on Discord.
  • Sometimes I have hard times understanding why my bot doesn't work properly, so I have to try different settings ...

I think it's a good bot if you're ready to invest some times to use it properly. I think I will stick with this bot for a long time
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