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[How-To] Create a Quester profile

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05-21-2017, 09:54 AM #1
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[How-To] Create a Quester profile
For this you will need to be logged in game, and also have TNB loaded.

When I first started talking about this on Discord, there was a lot of words and soon realised would be better if I presented it with some pictures.  Bits of what I see, in the WoW game and also in the TNB Quest Profile Editor tool.
You know how to log into WoW,  you know how to load TNB and connect to your character in-game.
To get the TNB Quest Profile Editor tool,   top right of the main panel....
[Image: unknown.png]

Click  Quest Tool
It will show you a file selection dialogue box. 
If you are editing one, go ahead but to start fresh I click cancel..  so click cancel for now.
You will be presented with "Quest Profile Editor - Profile not yet saved" frame,  that is... the tool!

It is important to save often.
  • The save at bottom,  adds the new bit to the profile.
  • The save at the top, actually writes what is in editor to the disk in computer.
I'll comment about saving as it goes, but you can't click save often enough.

First quest!

Started a fresh horde character, a tauren bull.   Logged in game, not moved anywhere and have TNB loaded up, the editor tool open on a fresh page.

Click the quest giving NPC,  keep the quest dialogue is open (do not click accept, do not close it)  and the NPC giving it (Chief Hawkwind) is target.
[Image: .eJwNyFEOgyAMANC7cABamFj0NgQJmikltGYfy-4...Zq0hMtI0ds]

click import..
.[Image: .eJwFwVsOhCAMAMC7cABakEfwNgQJGpUSWuOH2bv...Qp83IEI2p4]

In game the quest has been picked up....  ( otherwise, accept it )....
[Image: unknown.png]

Note there is no silver ? on npc head - plus,  the quest itself is a "goto" quest.
[Image: unknown.png]
so it is a different npc for turn in.

Just as if playing manually by hand, the map helps.
[Image: unknown.png]   

A little run to the east....

   [Image: unknown.png]

.... and get to the turn in npc.

The quest tool currently has ....
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

We know that the turn in is wrong.
it came from Chief Hawkwind,  but is going to Grull Hawkwind.

select Grull in game.

In the editor, click that little "I"  on the right side...  and it will import the target info to the turnin ID field.
[Image: unknown.png]

Save this.
I click the save button at the bottom of the page.
It will give you a file dialogue box, and you put in a name for your quest profile.  Please don't overwrite existing profiles.
I called my example "bully-profile".

To test this,  in game - abandon the quest.

[Image: unknown.png]

Now as if you were using the bot, and a profile that comes with TNB.
Select your quest profile (bully-profile) , exactly as you would any other profile
You should then see your cow,   run back to Chief Hawkwind, pick up the quest.
turn hoof.. and  run back to  Grull Hawkwind and turn it in.

Congratulations, that's the quest profile with one quest in it!

Attached is the output of my "bully-profile.xml"  at this stage.

Strange numbers?  WoWHead

In that first section, there were various numbers all of which completed in the profile tool by clicking buttons but actually came from the running WoW game itself.
  • You know the quest id was  14449
  • The pickup npc 2981.
  • the turn in npc 2980.
Try pushing these in for favourite browser... So the numbers all tie together.
What is in game,  is talked about in WoWhead... and also, what TNB uses.

After the test, getting ready for next quest

As return to the game, you'll have seen two things have happened.

  1. The quest pickup and turn-in have happened as expected
  2. But also he's got a new quest, the next in series that isn't in the profile.
[Image: unknown.png]

Remembering this is a newbie zone with auto-quest pick ups.
Abandon the quest in-game.
[Image: unknown.png]

Now will be ready to use the tool again, to pick up the quest during import.

Attached Files
.xml   bully-profile.xml (Size: 423 bytes / Downloads: 106)
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05-21-2017, 05:07 PM #2
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RE: [How-To] Create a Quester profile
Second quest!

As did with the first quest, click on the npc (Grull),  keep him target and keep the quest dialogue box open.

[Image: unknown.png]

Understand that it will auto-accept here, that is ok but the box quest accept box must be open in WoW.

Back in the editor,  at the bottom.. click new....
[Image: unknown.png]

then do the imports again at the top right....
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

click the saves... always remember the clicking of the saves!!!

This is what profile editor looks like for me just now...
[Image: unknown.png]

If i right click in that empty text box to the right of  "need quest comp id"....
[Image: unknown.png]

so then click the 'add previous questid '.
[Image: unknown.png]

I could type the numbers in, but it's a gui...  and gui heads like clicks.
click the saves...   get in the habit, you've changed it, save it.

Some detail for the quest in game to observe.
[Image: unknown.png]
  1. this npc has silver ?  so will be the turn in guy, nothing to change there.
  2. the objective is to go kill stuff, 6 stuff.  How does that work?   coming next....   Smile

Second quest - the objectives!

In the first quest, it was pick-up from 'a npc' and turn into 'another npc'.
That is the most basic of quests and doesn't have any real objectives.

This second one being looked at however, it does.
The profile needs to have the information in it, to tell the bot what to do to complete the quest objectives.
In this case,  to kill 6 bristleback invaders.

Right now, the bot doesn't have it.  So all it will try and do is turn the quest in it has just picked up.
It will stand and spam the turn in npc,  who has silver ?,  because the bot hasn't yet done the quest to completion.

In the game we can see it, we need to let the bot know what we can see.
[Image: unknown.png]

In the editor, at the top click the "objectives"  to bring up that editor panel...
[Image: unknown.png]
Lots of exciting boxes.....  and for me first time, was a bit confusing....
[Image: unknown.png]

A quick look at that drop down box towards the top, that says "type" to the left of it...
[Image: unknown.png]

These are the various types of 'standard' quest objectives the devs have made for the bot.
[Image: unknown.png]

We are going to do "kill mobs"
I know it already looks selected, but do the drop down and select..  killing mobs.
[Image: unknown.png]

This is how the form looks now..... 
[Image: unknown.png]
.... important to notice some subtle change to colour shade of boxes.
white box, are for use...   the pale grey / blue...  whatever,  not used for this quest objective.

Back to the quest, what are we killing?  them gnolls called "bristleback invaders"....
[Image: unknown.png]
... have one target in WoW...  then switch back to the editor tool....

In the editor i click the "I" to import it's information.
[Image: unknown.png]

the quest said to kill 6 didn't it.
so count is made as 6.
[Image: unknown.png]

If you take a moment to think about other quests you've seen,  that have lots more things to do.
This quest, has one objective - to kill 6 bristleback invaders.
[Image: unknown.png]

if it had more, you'd know you see each of these as seperate lines and counts in game.
We refer to these as "internal index" within TNB.
so down the bottom right for the editor tool...
[Image: unknown.png]

we "assume" it's 1...  and so   internalindex 1.
[Image: unknown.png]

In game, we can see that the gnolls are fighting a cow...
[Image: unknown.png]

So the bot needs to know it's ok for us to fight these gnolls that are already fighting.
To do this,  tick the box...  "can pull units already in fight"
[Image: unknown.png]

So far, the profile has been told what it's to kill and how many of them.
But, it doesn't know where yet.

The TNB term for this is, hotspots.
The bot will move to a hotspot and search for mobs it can see around that area.

With the mob still targeted in game.....
[Image: unknown.png]
... can click that "add HS Target. P".
It means...   get the co-ordinates, the position of where that mob is standing in the game world, and put it in the box below.
One click.. and the co-ords are taken and automatically entered.
[Image: unknown.png]

Having one hotspot is required.
it is recommended to have more than one.

When i turn around there is also another group....
[Image: unknown.png]
.. targeted.. and added...
[Image: unknown.png]

I see another group,  so target and add that too...
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Save it!!!!!!!!!

Ready to run now.

Just as you did before,  start the bot as normal and load your profile.
Your cow will head off gnoll bashing..
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

mine went out, killed 6... ( plus extra had aggro with ).. ran back and turned in.

Remember seeing the mob id, 36943 in the editor after targeting and importing it?

So you see, from wowhead,  is not just quests and npc's for quest....  also the info for mobs to kill.
TNB editor, will do most of it without need for WoWhead... but it's helpful to know

The additional updates to "bully-profile" are attached.

Attached Files
.xml   bully-profile.xml (Size: 1.52 KB / Downloads: 119)
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05-22-2017, 10:36 AM #3
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RE: [How-To] Create a Quester profile
Great guide ! Smile

Rewarded with some extra bot time!

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RE: [How-To] Create a Quester profile
In Discord a number of people are asking about how to do Quest Profiles, therefore have come back to the forum to add more information to this original post.
Continuing the Tauren Bull adventures from before, the initial couple of quests have been done - more to be done.

Third quest!
A recap of the profile form below, click 'new' at the lower left to create a new quest page.
[Image: quest_3_-_new_quest.png]

As with earlier quests, select the quest NPC and have the dialogue open on screen.
[Image: quest_3_-_interacted_with_npc.png]

Back to the profile editor and click Import.
[Image: quest_3_-_clicked_import.png]

Again as done earlier, we need to add the previous quest details.   Right click the 'Need Quest Comp Id' field, and then click to add previous.
[Image: quest_3_-_add_previous.png]

Then the race masks come for horde faction..
[Image: quest_3_-_factions.png]

The levels looked slightly wrong, so fixed those up...
[Image: quest_3_-_level_fix_up.png]

Now click that save at the bottom, and again at the top of the form,  to write the profile to disk.   The panel on left will update with the new quest details.
[Image: quest_3_-_first_save.png]

A quick review of the map in game to get a feel for where going to, to find these 4 Quilboar cages that need to be opened.
[Image: quest_3_-_map_review.png]

So this quest, is going to run east from current position and find some cages to interact with in that blue blob.  My personal preference for this, is one of the C# helper scripts called "InteractWithHotSpots.cs".
Earlier you've seen the use of Quest Objective for "KillMob".   This time, will be using Quest Objective "CSharp Script".
In the tool, select the 'Objectives' tab as done before, and then from Type will be selecting 'CSharp Scri[t'.
[Image: quest_3_-_quest_objective_-_csharp_script_-_inte.png]  [Image: quest_3_-_quest_objective_-_csharp_script_-_inte.png]
So from the blank to a partially completed, you can see..  Count,    Entry  and Range have been detailed on the left side.   On the right, the Message/Script field states '=InteractWithHotSpots.cs' and InternalIndex is entered as well.   The hotspots are missing currently.

In game, we now move forward to the area the quest event will take place.
You can see stood to mid-left (west) of the quest area on mini map, and in the distance in game are some cages.
[Image: quest_3_-_move_to_quest_location_-_get_the_hotsp.png]
Grabbed a hotspot for here, as the first position then move on to another three.
North end,  then to the mid-East, then finally the South end.
[Image: quest_3_-_move_to_quest_location_-_hotspot_2.png]  [Image: quest_3_-_move_to_quest_location_-_hotspot_3.png]  [Image: quest_3_-_move_to_quest_location_-_hotspot_4.png]
At each positon in game, switched back to the tool and clicked 'Add HS Me. Pos', to record the hotspot at the location the character stands.
[Image: quest_3_-_completed_and_saved.png]

The profile is saved, and then tested.    The Tauren runs around finding cages and opening them.
[Image: quest_3_-_running.png]
.. you can see he's done two and is currently opening a third.

After opening the four cages, he runs back turns in ready for the next quest - which in lowbie areas is auto picked up.   So as before, drop it and be ready for next steps.
[Image: quest_3_-_turned_in_q_4_auto_picked_up.png]

Fourth quest
This next quest is like the first quest above, pick it up and run turn in at another NPC.   I'll give the completed forms here for example.
[Image: quest_4_-_coded_initially.png]
Move to the NPC for quest turn in, target it.   Then update the TurnIn ID in the quest form by clicking the " I ".
[Image: quest_4_-_npc_target.png]    [Image: quest_4_-_turn_In_id_udated.png]
Saved...  done..  ready to move onto the next quests!

Fifth & Sixth quests!

Yes, read that correct two quests in this next section.
After turning in the fourth quest, the NPC now offers two quests.   So at this point, you learn how to pick up multiple quests and do those for multiple turn ins.

[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_pickups.png]

Same drill as before the initial quest is added to the profile, quest on screen import it to the tool.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_quest_5_added_to_profile.png]

Now in game you're ready to select the other quest...
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_5_in_game_6_available.png]

So with the usual quest blah blah on screen ready for accepting...
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_6_selected_in_game.png]

In the tool, switch to the objectives tab and the type of objective is "Pickup Quest".   Click the Import button.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_quest_objective_Pickup_Quest_an.png]

Saving this can see the entry appears in the left panel.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_quest_objective_PU_Q_saved.png]

At this point, before moving away I normally close the quests down as well.
So two objectives get added for TurnIn Quest.

To help with this, target the NPC and have the incomplete quest on screen.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_quest_6_for_turn_in_-_not_compl.png]

Now in the tool, add a new objective, and this type is "Turnin Quest", click import, then save it.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_new_qo_added_for_turn_in_of_6.png]

Repeat again for the other quest, selecting in game, create a new TurnIn objective and Import.... then save it.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_new_qo_added_for_turn_in_of_5.png]

The profile listing now reads....
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_pick_ups_and_turn_ins_in_profil.png]

It's an important tip. 
The last quest in the turn in sequence, must be the main quest that started this section.
You are free to choose what quests you start with, what quests you do as pick ups internally - but that first main quest, must be the last to get turned in.
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10-09-2017, 05:26 PM #5
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RE: [How-To] Create a Quester profile
The two quests have been setup, but they haven't real objectives yet.
That's next.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_map_review_for_hotspots.png]
So can see the objectives are to the south, and it's going to be two kills.   One to kill the mobs, and another to kill and loot the mobs.   Both of these objectives are standard TNB internal types.

What will do here, is insert a quest objective above the turn-ins and below the pick ups.    Right click the turn in...  
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_inserting_qo.png]

In the objectives panel, set the Type to "Kill Mob" and save it.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_qo_killmob_1_inserted.png]

Do it again, right click on the turnin,  insert above..   for another kill objective and save it.   So now have two, undefined objectives.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_inserting_another_qo_done.png]

Now they can be fleshed out a bit.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_quest_6_kill_ob_initial_defined.png]  [Image: quests_5_and_6_-_quest_5_kill_ob_initial_defined.png]

On the left, is the straight forward kill.  It's the one that came from that 'pick up quest' objective, so is considered internal.   Therefore the tick box at lower right is selected and also the drop down box the quest details are given.
For the right, it's the outer main quest.  It's told that it's kill mobs, with pick up item - so the interest is keep track of what is looted from the mobs.  Instead of the regular 'count' there is another pair of fields that open up.  CollectItem ID and CollectCount.   The first, I don't know yet, the second I do, its 7 of these to collect.

Back in game, move to the quest event area, ready to get some mob id's and hotspots - same as have done in earlier quests.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_moved_for_hotspotting.png]

Targeted these 'gun thief' mobs, then used the tool to import the entry for them.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_gun_entry_imported.png]

A trip to WoWhead for the quest details confirms the ItemId...
.. as 49535.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_gun_item_id_from_wowhead_added.png]

For the other quest objective, same idea again.
Target the mob and import the entry.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_mob_entry_added.png]

Now for the hotspotting.

This is same as have seen in the previous quests.
Add the initial location where stand on the border of the quest area with mobs to kill in range.
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_thorncaller_hotspotting.png]

Run around the quest area,  with some reasonable distance between the points and add those.
e.g. heading southward,  then over to the east perhaps?
[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_thorncaller_hotspotting_ingame.png]    [Image: quests_5_and_6_-_thorncaller_hotspotting_done.png]

After saving that objective, switch to the other one, and introduce hot spots for it.

[Image: quests_5_and_6_-_thorncaller_hotspotting_done.png]

Save the objecctive, and make sure to save the profile, and it's ready to run to test those two new quests.

If I recall,  the Tauren Bull got to level 3 1/2  with these 6 quests.    Smile

Attaching the profile as it stands from this process for 6 quests.

Attached Files
.xml   bully-profile.xml (Size: 6.01 KB / Downloads: 94)
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