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General gathering issue / question + remote system

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General gathering issue / question + remote system
At start I would like to say thank you for working bot - it is nice job.
I see that bot gathering ores is not immediately mining them. He just lands above node and wait like 1 sec or something before it starts to mine it. So my question is, is there a way to make it immediately mine it? I know its just 1 sec per node, but after like 10h of farming it makes more then 1000s. And after 10 days of 10 h farmig.. You know. I`m trying to reach perfection with bot.
Another question, sometimes when it mine ore he run away but then accidently moves back to already mined node which no longer is visible and mount off and wait few sec then mount up and fly away. I do not know why it happends. It is rare behavier but still loosing some nodes / hour.
Last question is related Remote control. Is there a way to stop bot and start again by remote control? I see options like "close tNB", "shutdown pc" or "close wow" but I cannot restart bot again. I think this would be the most important option at least to me. Because once it stuck somehow I can just restart it. I already tried mentioned options and I get info that request was send to bot, but after short time nothing happened. Wow was not closed, the same as TNB. Am I doing something wrong or remote control does not work?
I tried to find these in forum but I could not find any answer for that. If you have any info where can I find these options please help me Smile

Thank you in advance
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