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Release RemoteControl

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Plugin made for TheNoobBot - The first WoW Bot in the world compatible with WoW Legion.
It was meant to be used together with mobile app called BRCS - Bot Remote Control System - also made by me.
Everything was planned to run under pay-by-month model (that's why you can see auth everywhere, etc).

Currently it's main and only purpose is to:
first authenticate user using Firebase Auth
then send current botting character data to Firebase Database at set interval (for ex. each 10 secs)

But hey.. that doesn't sound useful yet, huh?
What if you could combine this plugin together with mobile app?
This would allow you to monitor your character 24/7 directly from your mobile phone.

What was planned for future?

sending notifications from plugin to mobile app (started working on it, didn't finish)
receiving remote commands:
for example you could set some value on button press in mobile app and then react to it with plugin and set it back to default value

Sadly - a lot of ideas, but no time left.
That was my first touch of C#. And it was a pleasure actually!

How to use?
Change settings in ./PrivateSettings.cs file
Throw it to TNB /plugins folder and have fun!

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